Claremore Collective focuses on downtown development, brings in TEDx speaker

TEDx speaker Daniel Hintz will present his talk, the DNA of Place, at Thursday’s Claremore Collective ThinkTank as part of the Collective’s Downtown Development initiative.

The ThinkTank is free and open to the public, but attendees should register by Tuesday afternoon. It starts at noon March 2 at North Block Common, and lunch is provided. [RSVP here]

Hintz guides communities through an intentional journey of discovering their unique DNA of Place. He focuses on attracting people, retaining talent, revenue streams and celebrating the human spirit.

“We look forward to hosting former TEDx speaker Daniel Hintz, from the Velocity Group, to assist in our Downtown Development Initiative process,” said Meggie Froman-Knight, Claremore Collective Executive Director. “He is a high-caliber, dynamic and established professional in helping develop a sense of place.”

Claremore Collective, through a Make Your Mark Campaign last May, established three initiatives to focus on moving forward: Downtown Development, Claremore Lake Trails and West Bend District Master Plan.

“Downtown revitalization is as exciting as it is inevitable,” said Zach Oliver, the chairman of the Downtown Development initiative. “I jumped onto a moving ship whose pace and destination was set by the existing organizations in the district who have sacrificed so much over the years to build our district to what it is and will become.”

“I’m just honored and humbled that I get to be a small part in bolstering their efforts, and I’m extremely excited to show off this district to Daniel Hintz this week,” he added.

The Downtown Development initiative is kicking off Phase II, which focuses on developing a shared vision and objectives for downtown, with Thursday’s ThinkTank. The ThinkTank is sponsored by RCB Bank.

Hintz will stick around for meetings with city leadership and key players in the Collective’s initiative on Thursday and will host three focus groups on Friday.

Watch Hintz’ TEDx Fayetteville talk:

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