Claremore-Opoly: Board game celebrating Claremore recently released

By: Cydney Baron – The Claremore Daily Progress

As you pass Go Claremore, don’t forget to collect $200. Take a chance on purchasing the Belvidere Mansion for only $150.

With a roll of the dice, you could travel to Dot’s Cafe or the J.M. Davis Historical Museum. Play your cards right and can purchase the property of Rogers State University for only $270.

It’s Claremore-Opoly.

Created and released recently by Late For the Sky, the game “showcases favorite landmarks and most well-known parts of Claremore.”

Makers of the game, which is said to be available at Claremore Walmart, said, “People outside of Claremore may know little or nothing about Claremore Lake or the Nut House; but if you’re from Claremore it’s a big deal.”

Late for the Sky, a game production company based in Cincinnati that started in 1985, manufactures custom -Opoly games and has partnered with area Walmart stores to begin selling more items that cater to their communities.

According to a release issued by the company, owner Bill Schulte said, “We research several cities and communities around Oklahoma to make very localized games about a specific area. We always make sure that the locals love their town before we take on a project. We try to make the content as authentic as possible.”

Sitting in prime real estate, directly next to the “Go Claremore” square, is downtown Claremore.

“It’s exciting to see our town on the game,” said Claremore Main Street Executive Director Jacob Garrison. “For people that love the game it will be fun to play it with Claremore flair.”

With rent at only $18, J. M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum also made the board.

“It’s an honor to be thought of in the top places to visit in Claremore. There are so many great attractions in Claremore. We’re honored,” said executive director Wayne McCombs.

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