Main Street Claremore walking tour now available on your phone

Main Street Claremore and the Will Rogers Memorial Museum have partnered to produce a Main Street Claremore Walking Tour that people can take with just their phones.

On your phone’s web browser visit and select the “Enhanced Tours” Button.

Tours are available for the Memorial Museum, Birthplace Ranch, the states and countries Will Rogers visited, and now, the Claremore Main Street Walking Tour.

The tour currently offers information on the Belvidere Mansion, the Claremore Museum of History, the Claremore Daily Progress, the Twin Oaks Motel, the Northblock Commons Mural and the Will Rogers Hotel.

Each includes some text a short audio clip to introduce tourists and home-owners to new information about downtown Claremore’s iconic landmarks.

Tad Jones, executive director of the Will Rogers Memorial Museums, said, “It’s something we can expand, grow, and eventually put video on there.”

“We hope we can use that system to encourage people to go and look around Claremore,” Jones said.

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