Garrison brings passion, plans to Main Street

By Cydney Baron – The Claremore Daily Progress

Jacob Garrison is your guy.

To anyone looking for someone with passion and love for Claremore, or looking place to share their ideas or get answers, Claremore Main Street’s new executive director Jacob Garrison says— “I’m your guy.”

Just one day after being told he got the job—Garrison’s enthusiasm was contagious.

Garrison, along with his wife Laura and their son, moved to Claremore two years ago and instantly fell in love.

“My wife and I have been a part of committees and different events in town. We’ve fallen in love with some of the things that Claremore does, events we’ve taken our son to or that we’ve been involved with us,” he said. “As we’ve gotten to know more people, through events and organizations, we were made aware of this position coming open. I started looking into it and fell in love with the opportunity.”

He said he loves the growth, the involvement and the committees he’s found in Claremore.

“I grew up in a small town, very similar in size to Claremore. We had a four year university and a downtown. You could never go downtown without seeing a splash of the town, like storefronts decorating their windows for homecoming week. I see a lot of those opportunities here,” Garrison said.

“As we’ve gotten to know some people at the university, I feel that’s one thing we can expand on—bringing the university downtown.”

Garrison said he’s got passion and creativity and he plans on channeling both into both the university and Route 66 collaborations.

“Before I ever moved to Claremore, my little brother and I took three straight spring breaks do Route 66. I use that a lot to pull from both in coming to this position but also in explaining my vision for it. I wasn’t a Claremore person, I was an outsider who moved in and fell I love.”

Garrison said he thinks Claremore is uniquely positioned on Route 66.

Some small towns, he said, showcase their spot on Route 66 as the only facet of their identity.

Large cities have more personality and attractions and don’t always feel the need make the Mother Road their claim to fame.

Claremore is comfortably in the middle.

“There are so many things here. As a tourist coming in you can easily spend four, five or six hours, or even longer, to see all the attractions,” he said. “But Claremore is proud of their place on Route 66 and are really capitalizing on that.”

Garrison said he wants to foster ideas and partnerships.

“I want not just downtown Claremore, but all of Claremore to succeed. It might not be a Main Street Claremore event but it could be something we contribute to with our energy, passion and our talents,” he said. “There are so many great resources and ideas in this community. I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am.”

Smiling ear to ear, Garrison said what he’s most excited about is forming relationships as the face of Claremore Main Street.

“I’m a huge relationship person,” he said. “I am going to meet people, engage with them and create those relationships. As these relationships grow, whether people have questions, concerns or ideas I hope they know I’m their guy…I honestly can’t wait to get out there.”

Garrison can be reached via email at or simply catch him downtown.

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