Main Street announces 2020-2021 Board Officers

We would like to announce our Claremore Main Street Board Officers for the upcoming 2020-2021 year. (Left to Right)

Bob Waters (C.P.A. – Seifried Group) Treasurer
Kara Lenard (Program Manager – CIEDA) Secretary
Andrew Hocutt (General Manager – Main Street Tavern) President
Kyle Clifton (Director of Urban Design and Long Range Planning – City of Claremore) Vice President

The rest of our board for the upcoming year:

Lou Flanagan (Past President)
Ronda Cole (Back in the Day Antiques)
Kathy Glover (The Cozy Cottage)
Sara Lepak (QuikTrip)
Sara Moss (RCB Bank)
Zach Oliver (Coldwell Banker)
Travis Peck (Rogers State University)
Jimye Sharp (Claremore Christian Schools)
Tim Wantland (Wantland Law Firm)

Thank you to all of our board members for all you do for Claremore Main Street!

Q and A with Main Street’s new Yoga and Fitness Studio, The Studio by ETHOS Yoga

Rogers State University graduate Sara Wallace recently opened her new yoga and fitness studio in Downtown Claremore. They are located above The District on Main.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your family:

A: I am a believer, wife to Justin, boy-mom, RSU Alumni, and Young Living Crown Diamond. Justin & I met in Claremore, got married in Claremore, love calling Claremore home and thoroughly enjoy raising our son here.

In 2018 I  completed my Power Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and immediately began teaching vinyasa-based yoga classes in downtown Claremore, hoping one day to open a studio of my own.  When it comes to fitness, Yoga has always been there for me. Yoga taught me how to breathe. Yoga was the first exercise I could do after a pelvic injury. Prenatal Yoga relaxed muscles I didn’t even know were tight during my pregnancy. Hot Yoga has given me more strength, flexibility, and endurance than I’ve ever had in my life. Many days, my practice on the mat saves my sanity, and probably my liver.

As a mother and a woman in business, I am highly driven by encouraging women to know and live their purpose, in wellness and abundance.

Q: What is Studio by ETHOS Yoga?

A: The Studio by ETHOS Yoga, LLC is a Yoga & Fitness Studio offering upscale fitness with a small town vibe.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the response to your new business since it has been announced.

A: The response to our studio space opening has been so amazing! Because the space had been a Barre & Yoga studio before, former students who built their practices within those studio walls feel encouraged now to be able to practice in that space again. With the momentum of opening a new business, new faces as well as familiar instructors, everyone is just really excited to be able to get out and practice together in community.

Q: What about downtown Claremore made you want to open your business here?

A: As a graduate of RSU and a business owner for many years, I have always loved the vibe and development of downtown Claremore. We have such a gift in this unique town! I am thrilled to be a part of growing the community and opportunities on our beautiful Mainstreet; contributing to the kind of city our kids love growing up in, so they’ll love raising their families here, too.

Q: What else would you like for the community to know about Studio by ETHOS Yoga?

A: The ethos of a community is characterized by their spirit and values. Our values at The Studio are based in truth and love, with a spirit of tenacity and excellence. Our doors are open to hold space for you, without judgement, so you can find and strengthen truth inside of you.

Our website is and you can book your spot for classes via the MINDBODY app or at

Like us on FB:

Follow us on Instagram: @ethosclaremore

City pledges continued support of Main Street program


Jun 4, 2020

Claremore Main Street Executive Director, Jacob Garrison

Every year the city is asked to decide whether or not they want to continue their support of the Claremore Main Street program.

Once again, city leaders voted yes unanimously.

“[Claremore Main Street Director Jacob Garrison] and I talked last week, this is our annual contribution to support the Main Street operation. Jacob is coming up on one year…I think he’s done an outstanding job,” said City Manager Jim Thomas. “We continue to support them with their mission and goals. I have budgeted this amount for the new fiscal year.”

With that, the city approved their annual contribution of $35,000.

“We greatly appreciate the support….We’ve had a lot of great things happen so far, a lot of great businesses and enhancements. We appreciate you again voting to support us and we always want to be very diligent with the dollars the city gives us and we will continue to do that,” said Garrison.

Save the date

Claremore Main Street has announced the return of Food Truck Thursday.

The first event is scheduled for Thursday, June 25 beginning at 6 p.m.

Main Street Claremore walking tour now available on your phone

Main Street Claremore and the Will Rogers Memorial Museum have partnered to produce a Main Street Claremore Walking Tour that people can take with just their phones.

On your phone’s web browser visit and select the “Enhanced Tours” Button.

Tours are available for the Memorial Museum, Birthplace Ranch, the states and countries Will Rogers visited, and now, the Claremore Main Street Walking Tour.

The tour currently offers information on the Belvidere Mansion, the Claremore Museum of History, the Claremore Daily Progress, the Twin Oaks Motel, the Northblock Commons Mural and the Will Rogers Hotel.

Each includes some text a short audio clip to introduce tourists and home-owners to new information about downtown Claremore’s iconic landmarks.

Tad Jones, executive director of the Will Rogers Memorial Museums, said, “It’s something we can expand, grow, and eventually put video on there.”

“We hope we can use that system to encourage people to go and look around Claremore,” Jones said.